LUBBOCK, Texas — In the past few months, GermBlast has been working with KJ Florida AR, LLC., to open the Florida market for franchising with GermBlast. We’re thrilled and honored to be working with local Florida communities, using our proven, innovative and state-of-the-art technology to keep Floridians safe and healthy.

We’ve been planning to help in the Florida area for some time. According to Area Representative Jason Schreyer, “The State of Florida lacks options to help control illnesses in a variety of businesses, schools, hospitals, long-term care facilities, and residences.” This is where our processes and systems can help, as we use only the most accurate and reliable scientific processes to remove and destroy dangerous microorganisms in the environment. Schreyer added that, “After years dealing with issues concerning air quality, I realized that Florida needs more effective ways to reduce infection transmission. We found the nation’s top experts to bring to Florida, and we are excited to partner with GermBlast.”

At GermBlast, we are excited to put cutting-edge science to good use, helping Floridians stay safer and remain healthier. In expanding our franchise to Florida, we are not only helping our local communities, but also potential investors. If you’re an investor in the Florida area, our franchise is available and your investment will make a large impact in your local communities. Take it from our partner, Travis Edmondson of ExecuFran, “As the world shifts its focus to healthier environments, now is the time to invest in a proven brand like GermBlast.” We’re looking forward to these exciting times and the positive impacts we will bring to local Florida communities.

If you’re interested in learning more about joining our franchise family, please don’t hesitate to contact GermBlast today!